Joshua Tree National Park


Girls and needles everywhere!

Cholla Cactus Garden - no girls this time

White Thank

Eremite at White Thank

White Thank panorama

The Arch

Climbing the Arch

Shadow and the raven

Hiking the White Tank

Lonely Joshua Tree

Another panorama

On the road

From Keys View

Lost Horse Valley

View back to Sheep Pass

Hidden Valley rock formation

The moon in the Hidden Valley

Old tree

Large plant

The penguin in the Hidden Valley

More Hidden Valley rock formations

Desert biodiversity

Trip with Joanne, Erin and Dorothy to Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA


Buenos Aires

Pink house and beeeater


Blue line A


Fair parilla

Old house entrance

Dancing at the Fera de Mataderos

Sexy dancing at Mataderos

Parilla at Mataderos

Buenos Aires from the Natural Reserve

Biking in BA

Natural Reserve

Puerto Madero

Biking Puerto Madero

Bridge de la Mujer at Puerto Madero

Recoleta cemetery

Angel at Recoleta

More scary angel

Buenos Aires rush hour from the Sheraton

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero

Choripan & co

That was a good one!

Me, Mafalda and Ceres

That's a bookshop not a theater...

At the centenary park

Peru station of Linea A

Art museum in Tigre

Tigre house

In Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires is a crazy city with enormous potential and so many things to explore.



On the way to Laguna Torre

Hawk parade

Moreno Glacier

Moreno with Joanne

Huge Moreno Glacier


Just nice


Dusk in El Calafate

On route to El Chalten

Wild animals...

Underway view back

Glimps on Fiz Roy

Cerro Torre gets visible

Lonely tree, this one was protected from wind

Above Laguna Torre on Maestri lookout

View back

Cerro Torre in clouds at dusk

Cerro Torre is back!

It was worth to get up at dawn!

Fitz Roy and company

Never saw that many stars in the sky before...

Camp Poincenot

A bit up at Laguna de LosTres


The Queen of FitzRoy :)

Highly efficient and fast

Fitz Roy from Laguna Capri camp

Fitz Roy at dusk

Fitz Roy at dawn

Fitz Roy at dawn

El Chalten

On the way down

Sunset on the route 23

Patagonian lamb


El Calafate

El Calafate beach

Glacier Moreno in El Calafate and hiking in El Chalten with tent views to Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. 


Tierra del Fuego

Friendly welcome

Let's go to Chile for a few miles

On the ferry to Terra del Fuego


Ushuaia harbor from the Hostel

Missionaries in Ushuaia

Mountain chain in Chile

Ushuaia harbor promenade

Memorial ship

Tierra del Fuego National Park towards Beagle Channel

"End of the World" (at least of the Argentinian highway...

Invasive beavers

In Chile as an illegal alien

Kayaking in the Beagle channel

View over the Beagle Channel towards Chile


Punta Remolina

Punta Remolina


2nd day of kayak with Dany Urizza

Isla Gable

Isla Gable

Isla Gable

leaving Isla Gable

Not penguins but komorans

Horses close to Estancia Haberton

Matadero Haberton

Waiting for the car

Well deserved ice cream in Ushuaia

Fresh powder in Ushuaia

Ushuaia Bay

Ushuaia Bay

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego National Park and kayaking in the Beagle Channel.

Check out the Easter Adventures of Gold Bunny in Vancouver


A 'normal' February in Vancouver

The Olympic torch passing my office at UBC.

Crowds on Robson square after the opening ceremony.

Let's party!

No close access to the Olympic flame.

The rings in Coal Harbor.

Hockey SUI vs. SVK (no cigars this time).

It's spring time!

Some snow on Cypress mountain.

When is Easter again?

Jenna McCORKELL flying over the ice.

Ksenia MAKAROVA at the Pacific Coliseum preparing for the short program.

Sara Meier pirouette.

Kiira KORPI after a jump during her short program skating.

Heineken House party.

The party is over...

These were special Olympic games! Impressions from Vancouver 2010: sunshine, flower blooms, hockey and crowds without much snow around.



New Orleans - October 2009

Trip to Jazztown New Orleans (15. - 22.10.2009) for ASA with ECEM team.



Kayaking Desolation Sound - August 2009

Entrance to Toba inlet

Preparation around Stanley park

Stroke training

Preparation for the trip. English Bay (Vancouver)

On the Ferry to the Sunshine Coast

Truck breakfast

All this stuff has to fit into the kayak

Seals in Desolation Sound

"Rubber heads"

Evening rest

Campsite in Desolation Sound Marine Park

Evening at Homfray Channel

Mmm, oysters!




Paddling on Toba

Increasing speed

Toba Inlet panorama towards Brem River

Pictograph at Walsh Cove


Walter in front of Walter Point, Desolation Sound

Entrance of Roscoe Bay

Pictograph at the Homfray Channel

Bear cache in the middle of the rain forest of Toba Inlet

Rock walls at Toba Inlet

Evening Massage

Sea life

Walsh Cove

Panorama from Kinghorn Island

Kayaking in Desolation Sound (13. - 20.8.2009) with Johanna.



Canoe on Murtle Lake - July 2009

First paddle in the last daylight at the entrance of Murtle lake

Too hot (the weather)

Second evening

Night ambiance at Murtle lake campsite

The engine in front


Hummingbird / Kolibri in action

What a beach - where are the mosquitos?

Present from Switzerland

What was here?

Murtle lake panorama

Solo excercise

last sunset

the kitchen

Canoe trip to Murtle Lake and the Rockies (23. - 30.7.2009).



Kayaking - June 2009

Endless Paddling on the Sechelt Inlet


Veronica and Marta


Camp reached



Klaptocz sisters

Bald eagle


Kunechin Point

Kunechin Point

Kunechin Point

Tzoonie Narrows

Kayaking at the Sunshine Coast (12. - 14.6.2009).


Climbing Squamish - Mai 2009

Smoke Bluffs


Smoke Bluffs


Smoke Bluffs


Towards Garibaldi Provincial ParkThe Chief

Rogues Gallery


Rogues Gallery


Rogues Gallery

Mike & Jeff

Rogues Gallery

Mike & Jeff

Rogues Gallery


Climbing in the Squamish area (30. & 31.5.2009).


Vancouver - Mai 2009

Jericho Beach

View to Downtown

Jericho Beach

Oh oh....

Jericho Beach

Almost like Lausanne.

Jericho Beach

The beach.

Jericho Beach

So romantic sunsets ...

Jericho Beach

Beach and park.


Cute visitor in front of the house.

Home sweet home.

Grouse Grind

Closed because of a little bit of snow. Swiss and Chinese don't care ;-)

Grouse Mountain

View to Downtown.

Grouse Mountain

View to Downtown and Vancouver South.

Grouse Mountain

Best Cinnamon Roll ever!

Grouse Mountain

Olympic village in construction.

First impressions of Vancouver (1.-18.5.2009).


Vancouver/Squamish/Whistler - September 2008

English Bay

Garibaldi park


The Chief



Garibaldi park entrance

Garibaldi park

Cheakamus lake

Hiking trip to Garibaldi Park (BC, Canada).


Mountains & Climbing

A selection of mountain and nature pictures.


Venezuela - 2007

Holidays in the Andes of Venezuela with Okuary Osechas.

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