Gold Bunny in Vancouver

Easter morning at home with Gold Bunny family. What a beautiful day! We should go for an adventure...

No day starts without a good cup of coffee.

Gold Bunny hopping through the Pacific Rain Forest.

Who said the Japanese don't know anything about Easter? Gold Bunny at Nitobe Gardens.

Gold Bunny's favorite place at this time of the year, the Botanical Gardens.

The Raven and the first Gold Bunny.

Gold Bunny needs to hide from all these people that don't believe in the Ester Bunny. The ignorant!

No Bunnies welcome here at moa. Even on Easter :(

Gold Bunny sun bathing at Wreck Beach.

Is that an attempt to impress the girls? Where are they?

OK. Let's put the clothing back on. Park rules are also for bunnies.

When Gold Bunny grows up, he wants to be a Snow Bunny.

This Inukshuk would be a good place to hide the Eggs next year!

Gold Bunny posing in front of good old Vancouver Downtown.

Now let's tell all our fellow bunnies over the world about our adventure. And see'ya next year buddies!

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